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Pay using PayPal or credit card

Please fill out the form here (unless you filled one out already) to join and wait for the automated e-mail which contains a payment reference number before paying with PayPal. If the name or e-mail address connected to your PayPal payment do not match the information on your membership application, please e-mail this reference number to us at (without the reference number we might not be able to connect the payment to the member if the e-mails don't match).

If you have already paid the joining fee, you will only get the yearly member fee invoice with a reference number. Once again, e-mail us the reference number if using a different address or name for the PayPal payment.

Please note that you can also make payments with a debit or credit card without creating a PayPal account. Just use the "Check Out, Pay without a PayPal account" option when viewing the shopping cart.

Pay close attention to which amount you're choosing from the drop down menu! The first option pays for both the joining and member fee. Choose the second one to pay for the yearly fee and the third if you're a supporting member (no access to database).

Joining fee and 2024 member fee 29 EUR

2024 member fee 19 EUR

2024 supporting member fee 50 EUR
Donate using PayPal

We are also accepting donations that will help up maintain the web servers as well as purchase new digitizing equipment. At the moment we have several scanners as well as digital cameras, but we still have more volunteers than equipment to loan out. We've also had to start replacing our older scanners and camers.

Any donation that you can make helps us continue our work. We thank you for your donation!

Use this button to make donations.